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Renault auto extender


Renault auto extender

On March 3 this year, it was originally the opening of the Geneva auto show. However, the outbreak forced the cancellation.

But it doesn’t prevent major manufacturers from releasing their new cars. Yesterday, Chuangxin just introduced Citroen’s two seat electric vehicle AMI. Today, Renault, also from France, has launched a concept car called morphoz ev.

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And its biggest highlight is that it can automatically scale.

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It looks like a transformer. The front of the car can stretch forward.

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Also, the rear of the car can be extended backward.

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At ordinary times, the length of the car is 4.4m, and after expansion, it is 4.8m. In addition, the wheelbase has also changed from 2.73M to 2.93M, greatly increasing the space in the car.

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There is a luminous ruler in front of the windshield, you can clearly see the length of the expansion.

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Is it science fiction?

This is not all. The door is equipped with AI sensor, which can automatically identify the owner and open the door.

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At the same time, the seat layout is very special, using the suspension design. In this way, when the car is longer, it will not become an obstacle.

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In addition, the seat can automatically reverse and sit face to face in front and back.

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There is also a central armrest running through the front and back of the car. When the car stretches, the armrest also stretches, and a screen appears in the middle, just like a tablet computer, which can be used to surf the Internet or play games.

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It’s worth mentioning that you can control everything in the car through your mobile phone, as long as you put it on the central armrest beside the driver’s seat.

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Tap the phone, the center console will open automatically, a huge folding display screen will appear in front of you.

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Renault auto extender插图(13)

Even the steering wheel has an embedded 10.2-inch touch screen on which various control switches are integrated.

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And the gear button is also touch type, which is very convenient to operate.

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This is a pure electric vehicle, equipped with 40 kwh battery, there is basically no problem in the city.

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When you want to drive for a long distance, you can add a 50 kwh Battery Extender after the vehicle is extended, which can be installed in a special position through the baffle at the bottom in a few seconds.

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In this way, the endurance can reach about 700 kilometers.

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All in all, whether it’s commuting in the city or driving it to travel, this guy can do it.

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\临时用\[创下一个新] - 2020-03-03 真正的加长车!这辆雷诺竟能自动伸缩\word\media\image21.pngimage21

Renault auto extender插图(21)

Eastping thinks this is the real extension car! Renault built a car that can grow short.

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