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True luxury is the essence of returning to life


Real luxury is the return to the essence of life

Life should be calm and poetic

Xiamen is an international city and art

A city with cultural atmosphere

The project is located at Huandao Road, Xiamen

The beauty of Tibetan mountains and seas on the peninsula

Simple and contemporary design vocabulary

Blending the differences between eastern and Western Aesthetics

Redefining a poetic way of life in the city

In the grey elegant space of Porcelain Green

Silent and restrained shadow of the moon

Light and enthusiastic Tango orange

Like a rhythmic note

Give space emotional tension between casual elegance

△ Lorenzo tondelli tea table

△ Cassina single chair

△ Windsor Windsor sofa and Firenze sofa

A chair, a book, a breeze

Restore the life of leisure

Through light, shadow, material and other details

Transfer immersive space experience from vision, hearing and touch

Let the residents get pure artistic enjoyment

Unclosed enclosure and proper height selection

Invite the breeze to pass through the hall

Go into the yard and make a pot of tea

Let the body and mind dance happily in the projection of natural light

Restore the poetic meaning of life

Natural texture of elegant marble integrated into life

With pressed leather and velvet

Create a low-key and introverted temperament space

Feeling the visual and tactile enjoyment brought by poetic life

Natural, romantic and elegant

Blinds create the hazy beauty of light and shadow

The beating rhythm of light and shadow awakens the natural poetry of space instantly

The metal bar chair glitters

Elegant combination of East and West

Time is slow and easy

Brass embellishment Venice water drop modeling glass lighting

There is more artistic atmosphere to savor

Exquisite Western tableware and flower display

Let people unconsciously think of the original appearance of life

Inner joy and joy arise spontaneously

Smooth and detailed metal lines

Presenting the structural beauty of winding and circuitous

Large blank space conveys elegant and quiet space mood

Speak the wisdom of life slowly in silence

The background of gingko silk painting with oriental cultural charm

Elegant and unique lasvit

Clover bedside lamp

Create a quiet and comfortable rest environment

Decorate life with art

Balance ideal and reality, mind and body

Simple and elegant color and childlike taste

Deliver a comfortable and elegant lifestyle

Furniture filled with oriental art

Describe the exquisite life and elegant artistic aesthetics

a study with oriental ink

Telling the inner elegance and calmness

The perfect interpretation of living art is

Get rid of the constraints of design and style itself

Feel the “elegant” taste that is soaked in the details of the space

Life collection poetry and distant

A home that blends oriental poetry with Western culture

Half romantic half elegant

Creating poetic life for people has always driven us forward!

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