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These blue colours


As for blue, if you only know Klein Blue, you will undoubtedly miss a lot of excitement. Blue, as vast and unpredictable as the sea, and these kinds of blue can amaze your home oh~

tiffany blue 01

These blue colours插图

Speaking of Tiffany, most of the first reaction in your mind is “Breakfast of Tiffany” by the goddess Hepburn. Goddess’s works have become classics, as have Tiffany’s TiffanyBlue.~

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Hepburn enjoys breakfast in front of the window outside Tiffany’s jewelry store on Fifth Avenue

Tiffany Blue, also known as Robin egg blue, is somewhat lighter than ordinary Robin egg blue, so it looks more refreshing and elegant.

These blue colours插图(2)

Robin eggs

In the West, robins symbolize happiness and happiness, and Robin eggs are blue, so this color has become the happiest color in people’s hearts.

These blue colours插图(3)

When this Tiffany Blue is used at home, it will make the whole space more refreshing and refreshing.~

These blue colours插图(4)

Tiffany Blue with beige, quite a bit elegant and fresh, the whole space gives a sense of lightness.

These blue colours插图(5) These blue colours插图(6) These blue colours插图(7)


Moroccan Blue02

These blue colours插图(8)

Speaking of Moroccan Blue, you may be a little strange, but speaking of YSL, I think ladies and sisters are very familiar with this brand. Morocco Blue has a deep relationship with Yves Saint Laurent, founder of French luxury brand YSL.

These blue colours插图(9) These blue colours插图(10)

Shevshavan, Morocco, Pure Blue Town

When young Eve Saint Laurent came to Marrakech, Morocco, to find design inspiration, he was immediately attracted by the land and chose to live there.

These blue colours插图(11)

Fantasy Garden Designed by Jacques Majorelle

Here he met the dream garden designed by Jacques Majorelle, a French painter and horticulturist, and he was bound up with Moroccan Blue.

These blue colours插图(12) These blue colours插图(13)

The garden uses a mysterious amount of blue in architectural design. This unique blue pigment is extracted from plants in the Sahara Desert and is hard to buy anywhere else in the world. This is the famous Majorelle Blue.

Eve Saint Laurent was so fascinated by the blue that he decided to buy the garden and spend most of his life there.

These blue colours插图(14)

For Eve Saint Laurent, no color can be as perfect as Moroccan blue in capturing warm light and releasing cool shadows.

These blue colours插图(15)

From then on, this blueprint became the inspiration of the master, Eve Saint Laurent. The famous blue nail polish YSL 18 Bleu Majorelle comes from this dream garden.

These blue colours插图(16) These blue colours插图(17)

Brilliant and hot Moroccan blue with bright yellow will only make people feel bright and dazzling, but will not feel vulgar or heavy at all.

These blue colours插图(18) These blue colours插图(19)

Dior Midnight Blue 03

These blue colours插图(20) These blue colours插图(21)

Dior Midnight Blue is a very black color. In the eyes of Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior Creative Director, it is more like a soft version of black.

These blue colours插图(22)

Dior Midnight Blue first appeared on Dior’s Fall and Winter Garment Series Show in 2017, and since then the fire has gone out of control. Elegance, mystery and depth are people’s first impressions of midnight blue.

These blue colours插图(23) These blue colours插图(24)

This deep midnight blue applied to the home will make the space become low-key atmosphere.

These blue colours插图(25)

Midnight blue matches the same low-key terrestrial color system, making the space retro and a gentleman-like elegance.

These blue colours插图(26) These blue colours插图(27)

Baby Blue 04

These blue colours插图(28) These blue colours插图(29)

Few colors can be as pure as baby blue, no cannibalism fireworks, but there is a trace of naive wit.

These blue colours插图(30)

Adding a touch of baby blue at home can make the whole room beautiful and delicate. It must be said that this is a very suitable color for fairies.

These blue colours插图(31) These blue colours插图(32)

Like Dior’s Midnight Blue, it also comes from the show, and eventually returns to home and life.

These blue colours插图(33) These blue colours插图(34)

Slightly gray baby blue with white as the background, supplemented by brass texture lighting and home, quite a bit of the sense of retro Palace model.

These blue colours插图(35)

Sailor Blue 05

These blue colours插图(36) These blue colours插图(37)

Sailor blue is not as deep as midnight blue and black, nor as clear as baby blue, but when you look at it, you have a feeling of facing the sea.

These blue colours插图(38)

This is due to the high saturation of Sailor Blue, which is lighter than Navy Blue, but without losing its depth and stability. It’s as versatile as black, but not as heavy as black.

These blue colours插图(39)

Sailor blue and white are a pair of good friends, they are two together, it is easy to think of sailors on the sailboat, the blue sea and the sunshine on the sea.

These blue colours插图(40)

Different Blues have different temperaments, the purity of Klein blue, the freshness of Tiffany blue, the fervor of Moroccan blue, the depth of Dior midnight blue, the naivety of baby blue, the sunshine of sailor blue…

These blue colours插图(41)

Blue is much richer than we think, and art is closer to life than we think.

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