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NO.01-Ten Museums with Unique Design Sense and Significance Museums Must Not Be Missed


NO.01-Master’s Works

Suzhou Museum

In 2002, Master Pei returned to Suzhou to work on the design of the Suzhou Museum, when he was 87 years old.

He created a quiet Suzhou Museum for the world, gray-white, with the soft temperament of Gusu, it is simple but beautiful, there is an ethereal paradise, and the temperature of human fireworks. After its completion, the Suzhou Museum has become one of the landmarks in Suzhou.

For the aging Pei Ming, the design of the Suzhou Museum is an important journey in his life. He described his masterpiece in his later years as “the closest little daughter”.
Overall appearance

The museum’s architectural design draws lessons from the traditional architectural art of Suzhou, inherits the architectural style and exquisite garden layout art of Fen-wall Daiwa, and gives new meaning in order to “be new in the middle, but new in the Su”.

“I am trying to explore a new way: in a modern building, it embodies the essence of Chinese national architectural art.” No doubt he did.—— Ieoh Ming Pei

Museum design follows the principle of “not high, not big, not prominent” in volume. The main building is the first floor and the underground floor. The eaves height of the main building is controlled within 6 meters. The second floor is located in the central and western part of the building far away from the control and protection building, and it is not beyond the limit of the surrounding ancient buildings.

In the museum, the light is treated in detail. According to the different requirements of natural lighting for different exhibits, skylights are designed in the exhibition hall.
At the top of halls, corridors, glass roofs and high windows of exhibition halls, wood-grain metal shading strips have been widely used to fill the museum with soft sky light, and the light changes with time.

Great Court

The soul of the Suzhou Museum is in its courtyard.

The rockery in the courtyard is laid out with pieces of stone, that is, to slice the thick big stone and lay it up in different levels to create the artistic conception of Mi Fu’s ink landscape painting. From the composition of rockeries to the choice of each stone, I. M. Pei has devoted a lot of effort. The color of the stones is from deep to light, and the hazy rain and smoke in the south of the Yangtze River cover the mountains.

Night View of Suzhou Museum

Tickets: No tickets required
Address: 204 Northeast Street, Gusu District, Suzhou
Official website: www.szmuseum.com


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