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Nezha handmade graphic tutorials


“I control my own life!It’s a devil or a fairy, I have the final say!”Sentence “I can’t help but my life”, let Nezha fire half the sky!It is “burning and bloody”, catching the laughs, tears and pains of modern people.Then, a hit.


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At the beginning of the story, Nezha was an unwelcome child, who was always excluded from being laughed at by everyone and feared by everyone, but he was eager to care and integrate into everyone’s world.But because he was not accepted, he could only cover his desire with a cynical attitude.


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The coming of Heaven Tribulation made him understand that he was also loved by others, and also let him know that the world could be changed.Among them, including his own destiny.


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The sentence “I am destined by my heart” shocked the hearts of many people and resonated with many people.All anger, unwillingness, turned into strength to fight against fate.


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It’s like, there is no word “easy” in the world of adults, but everyone will work hard and work hard, and hard work will be rewarded and hard work will be rewarded.


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Today, let’s take a look at the Nezha hand made of ultra-light clay, the cute little Nezha, who really loves him terribly, and with a smile, he poked the deepest softness in our hearts.Today I picked an arrogant and lovely little Nezha to teach you how to make pictures.


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Look, it’s him!The stubborn look, unbearable, really made people’s hearts become.Let’s take a look at the specific graphic steps!


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First prepare clay: red, orange, skin color, green, brown, black clay.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(7)

When you do it by hand, you will use a face model. First of all, we will make a face of Nezha with skin color clay.Choose a little fat face model, which is more in line with Nezha’s cute look~


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(8)

Then follow the picture above to show Nezha’s eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and imprint on the forehead, and finally apply him blush.Regarding the expression of Nezha, everyone can play at will, draw joys and sorrows, and draw them according to the stills.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(9)

Using black clay to make the head of Nezha, this is a hemisphere.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(10)

Stick the back of the head well.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(11)

Make Nezha’s hair, semi-circular bangs, and two triangular temples as shown in the picture above. Pay attention to the lines drawn on it.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(12)

Stick the finished hair well.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(13)

Use the skin color clay to make two small ears as shown above, and then make the uneven back hair.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(14)

Rub two small black balls to make the ball head, and then make a red thin strip.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(15)

Stick the hair behind, the two small balls well, and finally stick the hair band to make the shape of the ball head.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(16)

Below we start to make the body, using skin-colored clay to make a body shape, and then coffee-colored clay to make the lower body, as shown above.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(17)

Brown clay is made into thin strips and pinched out.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(18)

Orange clay makes different shapes.As shown in FIG.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(19)

Glue the body and lower body together, then stick the brown folds to the top of the pants, and then use orange clay as a belt around the waist.As shown in FIG.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(20)

Make a red rectangle and a thin orange strip.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(21)

Put the red rectangle on the body as a coat, and the orange thin strips are used to seal the edges.There is also a small detail to pay attention to, that is, the trousers of Nezha should be decorated with decorative patterns.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(22)

Make Nezha’s feet and his Qiankun circle according to the picture above.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(23)

Glue the head and body together and bring the circle of heaven and earth, as well as the feet, and make a red base so that Nezha is on it.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(24)

Then we used skin-colored clay to make Nezha’s two arms.At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to what pose you want to make, you must first shape his arm.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(25)

Stick your arms, look, this is a pinch-waisted posture, isn’t it cute?In this way our Nezha is ready.The process is very detailed, you can try to do it.


Nezha handmade graphic tutorials插图(26)

Let’s take a look at the different styles of Nezha we make. Every smile is so vivid. Who wouldn’t want a dozen such cute little Nezha?In particular, Nezha, which is made of ultra-light clay, cannot be bought with money. Imagine that such a set can be preserved for a long time. It is also very valuable even if it is given away.Friends, try to do it, maybe it will succeed!


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