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New Chinese Sales Center


Oriental, that is the beginning of the symbol of life, our Chinese children for thousands of years have the most noble East. The elegant room, which is the place of secluded orchid that wise scholars yearn for, is hidden but not noisy, and is always luxurious.

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In Qidong, Jiangsu Province, the most Eastern entrance to the Yangtze River in China, there is such an oriental elegant room, Changtai Qidong Marketing Center.

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Su Jinyi Golden Satin Shirt, the landscape is not exposed and prosperous; the wrong view has rank of deep house, the settlement of accounts is difficult to hide the monarch’s face.

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In the desolate and disordered space staggered, not only in the empty and lost the magnificent atmosphere, with the atmosphere of the imperial palace, but also without losing the grace of Jiangnan gardens, no publicity, no frivolity, this is a kind of history, culture, the continuation of emotions, but also the indomitable spirit of the Chinese nation.

Don’t be mad, be wise. Inner strictness, clear regulations and rational rhythm are all internal orders. Gray-red space, layers of superimposed metal grid, picturesque marble, flying leaves floating all over the sky, clear rhythm, no messy charm, this is the constitution.

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The moving line penetrates, the crisscross screen, the symmetrical space, like the chessboard in the hands of literati and refined scholars, one black and one white, one cold and one warm, and the landscape painting axis only flips in the hands. Like a king, like a knight-errant, like a poet. On the one hand, the palace is deep and dignified, on the other hand, it is full of pride. In the high atmosphere, there is a trace of rigorous attitude. This is also the internal constitution.

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We walk in the corridor of history, in the rush of time, or bustling, or cold, quiet and elegant eyes at the moment, while bustling and bustling ears. The body is quiet, but the soul is swimming.

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The elegant seats, red furniture, fine marble bar, a ray of sunshine and a cup of tea are still symmetrical spaces, but they have a lazy and comfortable atmosphere.

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Round decoration combined with simple wall, the scent of the garden rose. Yongrong, simplicity, this original contradictory vocabulary at this time appears so harmonious and comfortable.

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This is a different space created by designers. Or tea meditation, or whispering, or listening to books, the extension of time, cultural heritage is here.

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The combination of black and red makes the tone of the whole space calm down, like the red wine in the cup, deep and rich.

Layers with gloomy lights echo the ink paintings of the terraces and pavilions in Duanjing, which is the flavor of the south of the Yangtze River.

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Do you want to stay here for an afternoon with a big bookshelf, comfortable sofa and lazy air?

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The sunrise reflects the clouds in the east. The background of golden metal calligraphy, dark checkered flowers and jujube red reflects the strong charm. Yes, it is the king, the king’s free and heroic, is everyone’s demeanor.

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Mirror water has no sparkling blue sky, Yan Siyu painted in the gallery; live in Tailai to open to the east, not envy the immortals.

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