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Most beautiful balcony design in 2019, I’ve fallen in love with her


We live in this city of steel jungle, tired of running, walking in a hurry is almost the fate of every modern person, even full of burdens, will be carried forward by the torrent of the times.

Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to slow down, get close to nature, and let yourself enjoy a moment of gentle and soothing time with all your heart and soul?

In fact, the balcony is not only a place for us to dry clothes, but also a secret garden to satisfy our “poetic dwelling”.

Therefore, many people are thinking about how to define the balcony as a special area when they have their own house. Beautiful little garden? Comfortable leisure area? Warm little study? Fashion Fitness Zone… With the pursuit of higher and higher quality of life, we have to admit that the traditional balcony design has long been out of date!

Nowadays, as long as we blend our dreams into life and plan our balcony well, small space can also have infinite possibilities, let the slow time stop here, and let the beautiful scenery accompany us day and night.~

Leisure Area

It is a beautiful and practical way to make the balcony a relaxed and comfortable leisure area.

Whether open balcony or closed balcony, as long as the sofa, tables and chairs, pillows and green planting, can make this square inch of land instantly become refined, become a spectacular, tasty tea, entertainment, relaxing leisure corner.

Even a small apartment with limited area, as long as you put a set of tables and chairs near the window and adopt a solid and durable wooden floor to decorate it, you can realize your dream of nature and visit the poetry of life at any time and anywhere.


If the apartment type permits, incorporate the balcony into the indoor space, create a wooden terrace to form a spacious and comfortable bed, which will definitely give you a wonderful enjoyment!

The height, style and texture of the couch can be customized according to their actual needs. In your spare time, you can sit on it and bask in the sun leisurely, look at the window view, or lie on it and take a comfortable nap, interact closely with your children, play and read books. The practicability of this method is simply explosive.~

It can be said that the bed is not only a place to show the aesthetics of life, but also a part of a pleasant life. It has many functions and varied styles. When guests come, it can also serve as a temporary bedroom, alleviating the embarrassment of space shortage. It is invincible!

Learning area

The balcony has beautiful scenery and abundant light. It only needs one desk and one chair to create a suitable learning area. Then it can put fresh green plants on the desktop. With blinds and lights to improve comfort, a simple but exquisite corner is formed.

Nowadays, with the popularity of invisible hangers, dryers and other equipment, the function of balcony has been liberated, and it is no longer restricted to airing clothes and heaping up debris.

Home is a place where we feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s not about size, it’s about your intentions. As long as you make good use of it and transform it, even a small balcony can bring surprises to life and help you realize a poem and a dream in the distance.


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