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Modern Riverside View House


Tongchen Yipin occupies the most beautiful section of Huangpu River by its excellent advantage, monopolizes the first-line landscape of Lujiazui, takes a panoramic view of the prosperity of Shili Yangchang, and enjoys magnificent vigor and fashion between natural tranquility and urban prosperity.

Designers in the space transformation, fully taking into account the integration of Yangtze River culture and Shanghai urban civilization, give the space itself a magnificent spirit of vertical and horizontal opening, leaving the best viewing position to the master bedroom and study suite, here, you can see the vast turning area of Huangpu River, the space is open, the atmosphere is open.

The BD Barcelona cobalt blue side cabinet in the lobby has high brightness and purity. The unique three-dimensional spiral design of the legs of the cabinet is very artistic and full of the beauty of dynamic game tension.

Outside the window, the river is bustling and bustling. The house is quiet and quiet, gentle and elegant. The space is open and bright, and the righteousness is extraordinary. It not only has harmonious shape and color, but also has unique artistic conception in which works of art are active.

Panzhan plump, new green clusters, sunshine just, will be elegant spread, wantonly spread and flow, seemingly indifferent and casual, but devoted to every love of the details of life.

The white floor of the living room is clear and concise, the lines stretch naturally and meander. It is a baptism to the eyes. The light and the weight match, and the shade is delicate.

The living room terrace can sit alone leisurely and is also the main place to entertain relatives and friends.

The restaurant continues the elegant tone of the space, clean and lively.

The study with a broad balcony and a wide view is an excellent place for sightseeing.

According to the living habits of the owners, the sliding and pulling partition doors which can be freely opened and closed separates the master bedroom from the study and divides them into non-interference rest areas and office areas.

The simple color matching of the master bedroom, however, under the matching of various lines and shapes, appears to be rich in layers, gentle and quiet, full of texture.

The aromatic guard in the room is fresh and concise. Natural wood color and calm stone, ingenious series, clean and elegant.

The little daughter’s house adopts a security enclosure design.

For the growth of the eldest daughter, the eldest daughter’s room incorporates more girls’emotions and thoughts, adds metal elements to the calm color, adds a more lively taste and a more beautiful texture.


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