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Garden villa, clean and pure dream home


On the 18° north latitude, it connects the resorts of Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Miami. In China, the 18° north latitude is also the resort resort of Sanya.

This time we were fortunate enough to meet three families, three villas with the same type of apartment, commissioned us to build, and we also tried to interpret the different understanding of holiday life.

The sun is pouring into the city, the sun is shining into the room, the wind is blowing the curtains, and the white house in the dream is clean and pure.
This is a station for a busy family life. Maybe it’s not a lot of time to stop here, but when you come here, you will feel joy and relaxation. The laughter and love of your family will fill every corner of the space.

So relaxation and reunion are the intentions we want to express.

In this case, the “moving area” such as the living room dining room was placed on the sunny floor, and the bedroom was placed on the lower layer of quieter privacy. However, Sanya seems to be sultry and humid behind the seemingly sunny weather. The original structure is light and the air is damp. How to solve this problem is something we have to focus on, so we will “sink” the garden on the first floor to the negative floor in the renovation of the apartment. The sun and the wind can walk freely through each bedroom without disturbing. Quiet sleep.

Every space needs its tonality. Everything here is simple and relaxed. White runs through all the public spaces. Just like the lifestyle we want to present, let go of the tedious and complicated, here and now, Let go of yourself and enjoy life here. The living room-enclosed sofa and the round table of the restaurant have brought the family closer and added a lively atmosphere to the reunion.

Family reunion is always very lively. How to make everyone happy to stay is another problem we have to solve. The double bed and tatami setting enhance the living function of the bedroom, while the lively color adds space. Interesting. Each bedroom comes with a separate toilet for special convenience and comfort.

The blue of the living room reveals stability and calmness, and the slow and comfortable daily is unfolding here. Here is the area to learn and rest, there is also companionship and guardianship. Some of the paintings on the wall are children’s works. With the growth of the children, some pictures and scenes in the house will make him forget forever.

a pure white house like a daylight,
There will always be summer sunshine and breeze.
When the world disturbs the mood,
Can rest here,
Companion with the sun, facing the moonlight.

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