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China Best Travel Destination in June


Dragon Boat Festival is coming. I don’t know what your travel plans are like.
Stuck in the cloudy south, there’s a lot of rain these days. Want to see a small silver fish on the lake, or stones on the grass, grass on the stones. June is always in a hurry, coming and going quickly.
June is a good month for traveling, but not for hibernation.

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1/Hulun Buir Grassland
The Purest Ranch in China

Hulunbuir can be said to be a magical land, simple and innocent, tolerant and bold.

Quiet, natural and pure, as if entering a sacred world outside the world.

After a year of reincarnation, the Hulunbuir prairie in June finally ushered in another year’s most beautiful season.

Blue sky, white clouds, green grass, brilliant flowers.

The song flying everywhere with the wind, the figure galloping freely on horses…

Everything imaginable is wonderful.

It seems that the grassland in the dream is a peach source that is hard to find in the world.

Tips: When you come to grassland in summer, the temperature difference between morning and evening is quite large. It’s better to bring long sleeves and coats. There are many mosquitoes in grassland, please prepare mosquito-proof water. Summer sunshine is intense, remember to drink more water, do a good job of sunscreen measures.


The Most Beautiful Tibetan Land in Gansu Province


Someone asked, what is the experience of waking up in the morning in Zagara, a fairyland on earth?

Maybe it’s just like a dream.

“Zagarna” is Tibetan, meaning “stone box”.

It is a complete natural “Shicheng” commonly known as “Yan Wang Dian”.

The terrain here is not only like a huge palace, but also like a complete ancient city built by natural rock walls.

No matter what the weather is, it can give the most beautiful appearance.

Tips: There are no tickets to Zharna, but there is no public transport. You can only charter a car or drive by yourself.


3 / Enshi
Mysterious fairyland at 30 degrees north latitude


Enshi is a National Autonomous Prefecture under the jurisdiction of China’s Hubei Province.

If you walk here carefully, you will understand why it is known as “Little Tibet in Hubei”.

The most famous one here is the glass sea as clear as Xianben’s.

However, compared with Xianbena, the cliffs on both sides of Pingshan Canyon and the green trees around it add a little more domineering.

The murmuring water is like a fairyland.

The greenness of the eyes overflowed.

Let you be cool and comfortable in this hot summer.

Tips: Enshi has a proverb of “ten miles in different days, one hundred miles in different customs”, so it’s better to take an umbrella with you in case of unexpected rainfall.


4/Teaka Salt Lake
Mirror of the sky


Chaka Salt Lake is one of the 55 places that people must visit in their lifetime selected by National Tourism Geography magazine.

It’s not unreasonable to be calm and naturally cool in hot summer.

The water reflects the sky, the sky is grounded, and the tea card salt lake makes you feel like you have reached the dreamland of the sky.

Looking at everything in front of you, there are no more waves in your heart, and you are completely convinced by this suffocating beauty.

Tips: It’s better to prepare some wet paper towels before visiting the Tea Card Salt Lake. When exposed skin is stained with salt or saline water, it should be washed with fresh water or wiped with paper towels. A little longer time will cause some damage to the skin.


5 / double corridor
Must go to a daze town


Shuanglang is an island of Erhai Lake, located in the northeast of Dali City, is the “first town of Canghai scenery”.

It’s not suitable for a detailed strategy here.

Take a day out and sit by the lake quietly and daze is the best way to open it here.

Faced with the fact that half of the world is the double corridor of heaven,

You must find a reason to stay for yourself.

Tips: To get to the double corridor, you usually have to go to Dali or Xiaguan first, then take a bus to the double corridor, and then close to the double corridor for more than one hour.


6/Yang Zhuo Yongcuo
The most beautiful water in the world


Gusts of breeze blowing, continuous green hills and emerald-like sheep Zhuo Yongcuo.

And the dark blue sky and the brilliant sun suddenly appeared in front of us.

When we came to the lake, the color of the water suddenly turned to emerald green, and it seemed like a piece of emerald without any impurities.

Blue on the surface of the water keeps changing, sometimes deep and sometimes light.

The whole Yanghu Lake is like a huge palette with all the blue.
Tips: Yangzhuo Yongcuo has a much more beautiful view than close contact. It takes about 30 minutes to go down the highway to Yanghu Lake after crossing the 5030m Gongbala Pass. This is the best way to appreciate Yangzhuo Yongcuo. There are many viewing platforms along the way, and you can stop and take photos.


7 / Xiapu
China’s Most Beautiful Beach


A feast of water and light made the beach dream.

On the narrow mottled beach, bamboo poles are scattered in twos and threes.

These artifacts complement the beautiful natural landscape of the area.

Originally calm water surface, was broken by a small boat, brought up a series of ripples, awakened the dreamer.

Tips: There are many islands in Xiapu. If you want to experience different scenery on different islands, you’d better not travel alone. It’s easy for foreign tourists to get lost when they are not familiar with the local area. So you have to go with them, and you’d better have a special guide to accompany them.

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