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Ash blue model room design


The mountain tea is clear, the smoke is misty, and the raindrops dye the beauty of the circle of the water town. It is the memory of Yangshuo, and it is also the beauty of the oriental elegance that reproduces Yangshuo in this case…

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The main color of the interior draws on the high-grade ash blue of the Jiangnan water town, paving the way for modern Chinese aesthetics in the space, revealing the beautiful pursuit of the oriental elegant life concept. In the entire space, there are no significant oriental symbols piled up, words are exhausted, and there is no sound, but the Zen meditation is uniquely immersed in the East.

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The elegant beige is calm and soft, and the warm amber, deep smoky blue and wood color complement each other. The seating is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful and the clouds are shining. The faint ink background and the metal screens on both sides constitute a virtual and real, sparse and dense philosophy. The grain of the coffee table naturally interprets the beauty of natural landscapes, giving the space an inexhaustible poetic imagination.

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The Chinese style is presented in a simple and elegant style, allowing the owner to taste the fireworks and comfort of life in the texture of the wood, the penetration of the sun, and the fragrance of the tea.

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The mountains and trees show, the sentiments of mountains and rivers, the realization of the world in one flower and one leaf, is the essence of Eastern philosophy. The mountain-shaped pattern composed of fine nails is rhythmic and aesthetic. The elegant tableware reveals the taste of life, captures the serenity and detail of the prosperous and splendid, the scene blends, the reality and the reality, creating an endless atmosphere of elegance.

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The background of ink painting, quiet and elegant, simple lines, quiet decoration, the coordination of texture and texture, make the space comfortable and elegant. The sun shines through the curtains, becoming shredded and gentle, creating a pleasant home environment.

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In the design of the second bedroom, the use of color is quiet and elegant, the calm gray-blue tone and the wood color that is close to nature are the main theme of the space. The silk and cotton bed products have deep texture, ink background, porcelain table lamp, flower and so on. Among the essays, the contrasts are interesting and the space temperament is full.

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The elegant shades show a clear and glamorous glamour space, and the retro-style furnishings and modern furniture complement each other to create a modern and tranquil atmosphere that perfectly presents a modern oriental aesthetic world.

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The lively and interesting spaceman ornaments are decorated with a variety of colors and textures intertwined. The wall of the children’s room, the decorative painting of the combination form becomes the visual focus of the space, embellished with simple and bright colors, and the colors and patterns with different brightness and different brightness are cross-fused, lively and not complicated.

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