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NO.1 Ten Ways to Make Eggs—Scrambled eggs with tomatoes


Eggs are rich in cholesterol and nutrients. An egg weighs about 50 grams, contains 6-7 grams of protein and 5-6 grams of fat. Egg protein amino acid ratio is very suitable for human physiological needs, easy to absorb for the body, utilization rate as high as 98%, high nutritional value, is one of the most common human food. Here I will recommend ten ways to make eggs. Hope you will like them.

Method 1: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Fried eggs with tomatoes, this dish should be said that everyone has eaten, although it is a common home-cooked dish, but tomatoes and eggs together fried, it is simply a celestial match, delicious, with rice to eat the most desperate meal, this dish has been deeply loved and favored by me.

Tomato scrambled eggs many people may have done at home, there may be friends think that making this dish is relatively simple, eggs and tomatoes with the pot fried together can be, in fact, it is not so, to make any dish, want to make a good taste, not so simple, the key you have to master skills and methods, although tomato scrambled eggs is a common dish, want to do To produce super delicious taste, we need to master the following skills. Next, we formally share with you the delicious fried eggs with tomatoes, and summarize five delicious skills. It’s too practical! You remember to collect it!

Required ingredients:

2 tomatoes, 4 eggs, 5g scallions, garlic slices, 3g salt, 8g sugar, and raw soy sauce

Production process:

First step:

is to peel the tomatoes. Place the tomatoes with a cross knife in a boiling water pot and heat them for 30 seconds. Remove the skin. Then cut the tomatoes with a knife and reserve them.

Second step:

Take a clean bowl, pour the eggs into the bowl, add a little salt to season the flavor, and then stir the egg mixture evenly.

Third step:

Start the frying pan with hot oil. After the oil is heated, pour the stirred egg liquid into the frying pan to shape the egg, and then take out the spare. Don’t fry the egg too old.

Fourth step:

Heat the oil in another pan. When 50% of the oil is hot, add onions and garlic slices to stir-fry, then go down into the cut tomatoes, stir-fry over high heat, then add proper amount of salt, sugar, raw seasoning, stir-fry evenly, and then pour in the eggs stir-fry evenly in advance, and then you can put them into the pan and dish.

Production skills:

Tip 1:

Stir-fry eggs with a little water to make them tenderer.

Most of the time, we scramble eggs, a little careless eggs fried old, in order to avoid scrambling old eggs can add a little water in the egg liquid and stir evenly, so that the fried eggs will be very tender.

Tip 2:

Add more oil in the pan, and the oil temperature should be high.

When we scramble eggs. The first step is to pour more cooking oil into the pan as much as possible, shake the frying pan after the oil is heated to make the bottom and edge of the pan greasy, commonly known as the oil pan.

Then we pour out the excess oil and leave the bottom oil in the pan, so that it won’t stick to the pan when we stir-fry the egg liquid.

Tip 3:

Sugar tastes good

Scrambled eggs of tomatoes, the main ingredient tomatoes are generally produced in the greenhouse, from the appearance of tomatoes bright and brilliant, in fact, these tomatoes are used ripening drugs to promote ripening, the taste of this kind of tomatoes is more sour, and even a bitter taste, so when we stir-fry, we should put more white sugar can be mixed with the sour bitter taste of tomatoes, fried out. The dishes taste better.

Tip 4:

Fried tomato eggs as far as possible without MSG chicken extract to freshen up

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes would have released delicious substances during the stir-frying process. At this time, if some fresh seasoning chicken monosodium glutamate was added, it would affect the taste of the dish. The taste is not natural, so try not to put this kind of seasoning in this dish.

Tip 5:

Put salt in the pan before you go out.

Why put salt in the pot before it comes out? Because salt penetration is particularly strong, if the first fried tomatoes when salt, tomatoes will advance the juice, so that the fried dishes not only affect the aesthetic, but also affect the taste, so that the salt should be put last, stirring evenly out of the pot can!

What I’ve shared above is how to scramble eggs with tomatoes and five skills. Have you learned them? Friends who like fried eggs with tomatoes are ready to make them.

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