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Collocation Skills of Decorative Paintings


Write on the front: It was a pity to see a living room destroyed by decorative paintings the other day, so I decided to write an article about decorative paintings.

First of all, we need to clearly define the role of decorative painting in space – the supporting role of the icing on the cake, not the protagonist such as sofa, dining table and chair. Therefore, we should not rush too much for the mirror in the vision, otherwise it will cause visual primacy and logic confusion.

Today, we mainly start from two aspects of color and content, and finally the combination.

Color selection

The color selection of decorative paintings can not be arbitrary, so in many color combinations, the most mindless and simplest is single color or monochrome gradient.

For example, in the case of the above case, when the space protagonist (sofa, curtain, sideboard) is blue, choosing four decorative paintings of the same color can create a harmonious visual effect.

But this approach has one obvious disadvantage: too much harmony leads to inadequate visual contrast, relatively easy to get bored.

Compared with a single tone, the use of complementary color combinations will undoubtedly jump more visually. For example, in this case, whether it is furniture (Daybed, armchair, screen) or decorative paintings and pillows, the combination of “magenta-green” is chosen, and the final effect is also harmonious.

Neighbouring color combinations are the same, because you can’t find photos, so please make up your own brains.~~~

If you really don’t want to use your mind, choose black, white and grey decorative paintings. Whatever the color of your walls, sofas and carpets, black, white and grey will always be the best choice.

Content selection

There are many categories of decorative paintings, such as natural scenery, City silhouette or portrait shooting, abstract art and so on.

In order to create a harmonious visual effect, it is no doubt painful to choose the same category of content, such as the decorative painting combination of the above plant department.

Decorative paintings with clear content have a disadvantage – easy to get tired of, so if we don’t want to change the core frequently, then the most convenient way is undoubtedly abstract art paintings, I believe you haven’t changed them for a year and a half.

If the above two approaches are not satisfactory, then there is the last and most complex way – content mixing, which usually consists of a large number of blank text, abstract pattern content to match a variety of photographic works.

For example, in the second case above, it consists of one text + two photographs + four abstract arts. The final visual effect presented to us is very balanced, not too eye-catching or boring, but also very durable.

But it’s not easy to achieve this visual effect. Without the help of designers, it may take a lot of time to rely on your own words, and the final result is not good or bad.

Collocation combination

If your home is just an ordinary flat, then the cases we saw before are not applicable, because they are too complex!

In explaining the wall color, we mentioned the principle that “the wall color can not be darker than the ground color”. Similarly, the visual weight of the wall can not be heavier than that of the ground.

So in the number of decorative paintings, it is better not to exceed four, just like the case we saw above, do some articles on the size and suspension height to achieve interesting visual effects.

Note: The super flat floor and villa space are not within the scope of this discussion. Please find a professional designer to solve it.

Summary at the end of the paper

Please bear in mind this principle: decorative painting is only a supporting role rather than a protagonist, its content and color selection should be based on the space of large furniture and the choice of various textiles.

So if your furniture hasn’t come in yet, don’t bother with decorative paintings. It won’t be too late to make it after you’ve lived in it for a while.

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