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Reinterpreting traditional culture in modern language


Reinterpreting traditional culture in modern language

Taking cultural fragments from the source of Minnan culture, combining with users’demands, the most representative tea culture and local shadow play are implanted into the design. Traditional Chinese culture is re-combed and interpreted through modern design language, and the integration and reorganization of Oriental philosophy and Western fashion are carried out.

Liu Yuan in Qing Dynasty was better than the saying in History of Tea: “There are three wonderful things about tea: one is color, the other is fragrance, and the other is flavor.” Intervention of tea color, tea state and tea fragrance into space is expressed by modern design techniques, which guides people to find traces of “tea” and connect them in series to form an elegant space picture with bit by bit of clues.

On one side, a small stone and a bamboo lead people from the aisle to the living room. Under the concise elevation line is a picture of ink and wash. Rippling chandeliers and tea tables in mountain form form form form a poetic antithesis, outlining the image of landscape gardens, while several pieces of modern style furniture on the side jump out of the picture, which is lively and interesting.

The space is a cup of tea. Walking among them, the color of tea, jade green and bud yellow gradually spread out in the space, laying a simple and elegant, implicit style.

Following the fragrance of tea, the plain and elegant tea room came into view. A group of wooden structures in the center, like unfinished buildings, give people unlimited reverie, and also reflect the scenery of trees outside the bamboo curtain.

“Cuiye smoke ice bowl blue, green buds light jade Ouqing”, sitting on the cushion, a pot of tea is enough to understand.

Besides tasting tea, we should not fail to eat delicious food. Mezzanine restaurant has not been forced by the compact pattern, marble and wood in the rounded lines to find a unified expression, on the contrary, let the space a rare sense of intimacy. The freehand mountain cloud background is another extension of the natural scenery outside the window, and the space becomes rich.

Shadow play is a concentrated life story, and the space with stories is just like a wonderful shadow play. When the human figure appears in the interlocking space plot, there is the beginning of the story. The case space, draw inspiration from the shadow play, details are everywhere “shadow” expression.

Along the way from the previous public areas, the landscape image composed of various furniture and furnishings represents the traditional cultural symbols and is a silhouette of Oriental temperament. Continuing to explore the upper space, we can find different space stories from different “shadows”. With the elegant patterns of paper carvings as the background, Xu Xu depicts the classical feelings of romance.

The boy who dreams of becoming a racing driver naturally has all kinds of racing elements in his bedroom, from eye-catching steering wheel wall devices to various car accessories, all of which are reflections of his dreams.

The modern texture of the main bedroom is convenient. Simple geometric bedstead with high-quality new Chinese style bedding shows elegant oriental aesthetics in detail.

The study is the place of thinking that condenses the miniature of culture. From the exquisite details of the room decoration, the atmosphere of literati and Mohists can be seen. On the other side, only one plant, one chair and one painting constitute a freehand corner, which is the most elegant finishing touch.

Retain the traces of the years, inherit the precipitation of the time, like a thousand years of polishing, warm and effective. Every detail in the space is extremely exquisite. From color, material to style, it conveys the symbiosis, contrast, penetration and interaction of old context and new elements, and constructs a quiet and exquisite living space. In it, every scene deserves to be savored carefully.

Home is not only a container of life, but also a place where people can find the pleasure of life and enjoy their daily life. The underground recreation hall is the most comfortable expression of the case. With the large mountain scenery as the space background, it is matched with comfortable and simple modern furniture to form a penetrating force from ancient times to the present.

On the wall cabinet in the corner, there are ancient locks, wishful, abacus and other traditional utensils. They mostly use jade as the carrier. The crystal and transparent color, light and elegant form and the elegant and elegant temperament of space complement each other, and adopt new mounting techniques to show the master’s cultural taste in a low-key way.

On the other side of the red wine and cigar area, with Tibetan wine as the scenery, a touch of green in Pine planting bonsai breaks the smooth tone, and together with light depicts a natural interest.

The pottery handicraft room is the most creative place, with all kinds of professional gadgets, warm wood as the main theme of the space, and the occasional streamer seats in the corner add an artistic texture and use the most suitable The furniture scale is enclosed by one side.

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