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Japanese villa model room, concise and elegant


On one hand, there are courtyards for home. Flowers and falls are colorful, water is murmuring and running, and money is coming. The three-storey villa is both a courtyard of Huaxi in Guiyang and a poem of luxury. Deep courtyard, as an aesthetic way of Oriental life, Japanese villas always have a unique artistic conception of elegance, cleanliness, restraint, calmness and clarity when permeated into life. For Asians, “space in the name of courtyard” is not only a living space for daily life, but also a spiritual home for recuperation.

Speech element: Japanese style villas are inspired by Japanese style with ease. Through horizontal and vertical lines, they radiate a clear style of refinement, elegance and nature. The material used in the space is mainly concise, which tests the designer’s ability to grasp the space. Make villa space with a strong sense of geometric stereo, Japanese villa architectural style of its inherent beauty, adhering to the Japanese traditional aesthetics of the primitive form of praise, a large number of natural elements as materials, say these simple and primitive elements to be precisely polished, showing the unique texture of the material, and natural integration.

Every design of decoration has an invisible correlation. While simplifying and abstracting the space form and detail decoration, it should be perfectly integrated in aesthetics. Choosing each design not only pays attention to the shape and decorative effect of the object itself, but also emphasizes its harmony with the surrounding environment. The arrangement of small green plants adds verdant tone, and the vitality and vitality follow, which makes the whole space flow.

Jin: Although concise, but willing to use jewelry to create space. The three-storey space is empty, but full of furnishings, one scene after another. Or tea and sake in the living room; or plum in the study; or meditation in the bedroom; or relaxation in the dining room. You can search Qifeng for abdominal manuscript, base earth and rocks for rockery, draw clear water for garden pond, elegant and full of Zen to enjoy the charm of it.

Occasionally with modern decorative paintings, on the contrary, it adds modern flavor and will not sink the splendid era into the long river of time. Then through the circular arch strip partition decorative wall, the concave and convex texture facade is displayed. The interior of the grille model creates an atmosphere by lighting, and creates the visual focus of the empty area. Log-colored solid wood floor laying, strong and durable, forming a good match. Indoors are equipped with thick sofa seats and carpet surrounds, which can reduce the cushioning and protect the feet. The roof ceiling is regular and natural, and the built-in combination of chandeliers enhances the brightness and brightness.

The large and thick bedroom with colorful small pillow combination brings you a comfortable and soft life experience. Resting here can relieve fatigue and bring you a relaxed and comfortable life experience.

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