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Romantic villa design, this is the taste of home



The entrance hall, porch and main dining room leap into view one by one, like a strong sense of rhythm music, rhythm is scattered, dense and compact. The connection between guest restaurant and Western Kitchen enhances the interaction between family members and makes the home full of love, warmth and clarity.

Open and bright dining room with slender and elegant lines of tables and chairs, neutralize the solemn sense of space, so that it is not too calm, a few more soft and elegant atmosphere. The fish-shaped pattern of the ceiling echoes the dining chair, which overlaps with euphemism and interweaves with the water ripple on the ground.

Western Kitchen Baking area has various functions. It is different from the traditional Island baking area. It can be used to prepare all kinds of baking delicacies and enjoy breakfast. The shining tableware is full of texture, and the reflection on the table casually spills the beauty of art.

The living room uses classic black and white grey as background color, low-key and restrained, expressing the pursuit of quality and details implicitly.

Outside the window, the wind and sunshine are bright, and the time in the house is quiet and comfortable, meditating in a quiet and comfortable environment, allowing thoughts to flow slowly and speak softly.


The main bedroom is romantic and tranquil in color, fresh and pleasant, creating a quiet and natural atmosphere, gentle ironing, and lazy casual. The Wisteria Waterfall falls down on the wall, like a romantic and sweet purple dream.

The snow lotus blossoms on the wall of the main guard. In the busy crowding, they compete to sprinkle the passion and passion of life.

The study is connected with the English tea room, which not only introduces more natural light into the room, but also combines leisure with private space so that the master can switch between work and leisure. After work, I paced to the teahouse, stayed in the elegant and exquisite British furniture, and looked out the window in a fresh pastoral style.

The family hall is exquisite and elegant, carrying the leisure time of the family, unloading the tiredness of the day, relaxing in the sofa, chatting with the family about the recent situation, listening to music, reading, are all beautiful fragments of gathering warmth.

Son’s room is a quiet blue world, full of children’s infinite fantasies about the mystery of the universe and all things in the world.


Running water, fragrant and refreshing, sipping carefully, enjoying a moment of quiet life; leisure, can also play the piano leisurely, cultivate temperament. Tea rooms and patios with vertical green planting landscape are integrated into a natural and pleasant side of the Pure Land.

The leisure area outside the classical teahouse, such as the Red Bar, shows the integration of Chinese and Western design in the same space, which reflects the other side of the design’s pluralism and inclusiveness.

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