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A Simple Atmospheric House


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In the design world, the more famous phrase is “less is more”. Today, less is more is still effective, because life is complex and simple, but people often make simple things complicated themselves.

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Less is more design thinking to mark a way of life, is a simple high-quality life, in a word: small is beautiful. In terms of living mode, Shenzhen, as a front-line metropolis, has passed the mode of large family cohabitation, the number of singles is increasing, and simple life is the pursuit of business people today.

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The Overseas Chinese City Chuangxiang Building is located in the Business District of Shenzhen North Railway Station. It has excellent business linkage atmosphere and can reach the diversified city of Hongshan. In the near future, Creative Building will become the international talent post and the super headquarters base of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship in Dawan District.

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Elite people are better at balancing the efficiency and quality of life, so all redundancy becomes a burden, using Occam’s razor principle to eliminate all complexity. Hotel management knows more about how to make business people feel at home, which is the problem that designers try to explore and solve.

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In the metropolis with material desire, the contemporary trend of thought of “from simplicity” gradually enters the mainstream from the minority, but its foundation is firmly rooted in the hearts of people who love life. The design concept of “Sexual Origin Aiqiu Mountain” lets sculpture blossom on the wall, combines the most ecologically expressive “wood” with the modern furnishings in the sales office, and implies the harmonious development of nature and modern society.

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As time goes on, the exploration of simple life never stops. Nearly all, Thoreau’s Lakeside Scatters depicts the harmony between man and nature. Far away, there is Tao Yuanming’s chrysanthemum collection under the eastern fence, just to see the hermit style of Nanshan leisurely. Small concealed in the wild, big concealed in the city, in the noise of stability is really stable, just as Wang Yangming advocated to abandon sitting idly, in the “things to practice” is the true practice.

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To be broad and subtle, and to appreciate subtle meanings in small places. The design of the negotiation area is simple and orderly space layout, cool and simple stone, elegant and moderate plain sofa, which complements each other. The natural form describes the vivid sense of ritual. The Italian Minotti brand furniture is selected, and the dual presentation of comfort and design sense is emphasized.

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The investment of the sales office in soft installation is no less than that in hard installation. The delicacy of furniture materials contrasts with the simplicity of wall materials, which enriches the space at different levels. Inherited the Bauhaus School geometric shape of the golden table lamp, small asparagus is full of lush, vibrant.

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The combination of simplicity of atmosphere and humanism also integrates seemingly invisible design into every corner of the sales office. The concepts of Pinus canadensis, Jinbai and Mengshui of Yunshan, which are full of humanistic flavor, give the whole space a delicate temperament. Walking in the sales office, walking scenery, these scenes full of life impressive.

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From the sales office to the model room, the simple life brings home life, friendly and natural. Luxury has become a burden in the rational thinking of urban people. Luxury ornaments express the human-centered way of life, so that everything revolves around people’s excessive desires.

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The old value system has been disintegrated and fragmented into various forms of value expression. Simple in revealing fashion, weakening the excessive weight of the outdated, lightening up the space, emphasizing practicality, and achieving a sense of luxury, this is the inner idea of defining the life taste of urban elites today.

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“Any meaning we give to life is just an illusion.” Juval Heraly tells the truth in A Brief History of Mankind. Excessive decoration is an illusion, and glamour is also an illusion. It is the core of Modernist Aesthetics to abandon the dull decoration and let everything return to the rationality of geometry.

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In order to improve the cold of modernist machine aesthetics, designers make full use of materials to make intimacy an important experience of living. Grey wallpaper laying, log washing, the structure of the living room space, the protagonist is closely related to life of various colors of pillows, fine velvet, strong linen have excellent feel.

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Minotti furniture lays the tone of the whole space and integrates “international standard” into the whole space. The decoration of metal and glass ornaments brings guests back to “life”.

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The shelf is full of books and planetary models on the table, which accurately describes the interests and hobbies of the owner in the way of the psychological side-writing of the leopard in the tube, so that every part of the house is closely integrated with the owner of the house and becomes a home exclusively for you.

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Like Oscar’s Little Golden Man, the figures with various gestures are introduced into the display as if they were fairy tales living in a big house. Sometimes he thought on his cheeks, or listened to them in a lively way, which increased the interest of space.

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Competition between small space and large space seems to be a losing issue. However, the most valuable feature of small space is that large space does not have, which is the intimacy brought by small scale. When evaluating the space quality of a home, it is perhaps the most important thing to be friendly and pleasant.

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Every line has been carefully designed, the horizontal line is smooth, and the vertical line is coolly woven vertically and horizontally to give a sense of rhythm in modern space. In contrast, the tension emanated from the lines of a large iron bridge photograph on the background wall.

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The flexibility of small space in the dining room shows endless, sit-in bar, relaxed and comfortable. Bubble chandelier just takes care of the romantic atmosphere for every meal.

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The bedroom occupied by high-grade ash weakens insignificant ornaments, and the status of the bedroom is undoubtedly highlighted. The walls are painted on a large scale, using the Freudian theme of “Dream”, like a door that opens in the distance.

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Independent thinking and simple life are the survival concepts advocated by the model buildings of the Overseas Chinese City Creation Building. Another benchmark has been set up in the design, which coincides with Shenzhen’s dedicated and pragmatic urban gene and strives to prepare for tomorrow.

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