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Perfect Deduction of Modern Chinese Style


Modern Chinese style is not so much a style as an endless cultural heritage rooted in the hearts of Chinese people. No matter how strong the westerly wind blows, Chinese feelings are always the feelings that can not be abandoned in the bones.

However, the fast pace of life makes modern style popular. BLG Design integrates the elements of traditional Chinese culture with modern materials skillfully through careful study of layout structure and proportion, assisted by adjustment of space, application of color and collocation of details, delivers intoxicated visual aesthetic feeling, and creates a calm and elegant contemporary Chinese life aesthetic space that meets its inner demands and has a strong sense of quality of life.

With modern elegance standing, our design unfolds accordingly.

Start with space and end with nature

BLG’s creative team interprets Chinese aesthetics with an open mind, pursues a calm atmosphere in the overall layout, and seeks the natural and life echoes in the luxury space of opening up and opening up.

The spatial layout of the meeting room and dining room breaks the conventional boundaries, and uses the open mode to connect the three areas skillfully. The style and order are mutually contrasting, extending and combining the virtual and the real. It also has the sense of symmetry and coordination between Yin and Yang, and adds the ingenuity of modern perspective. The ink screen with clouds and shadows is full of the meaning of greeting guests. It also has the function of separating and linking space. It also reflects each other with background elements, and embellishes the lobby gently and elegantly.

The “rich and noble flowers” suspended in the background run through the sentiment of the upper and lower space. Simple images flow like clouds and streams, reflecting the natural state of the whole space free and unrestrained. They are independent and integrated, making the space fresh and elegant, and blooming its soul.

The terrace is the world, and there is pastoral in mind. The quiet modesty in the three-storey study corresponds quietly to the leisurely scenery on the balcony outside the window. Holding the poems and books in hand, we can see the paintings flat. The different temperaments collide and stagger in the horizontal and vertical, and the beauty of flexibility and follow-up, which is also dynamic and quiet, adds infinite poetic flavor to life. And here idly watch the flowers blossom and fall, sit and watch the clouds roll.

To be broad and subtle

Li Yu said that space decoration should be simple rather than complex. BLG’s creative team will show the rich sequence beauty contained in simplicity vividly and vividly. From the introduction of geometric lines to the right material, it has an oriental charm.

The three-storey main guard wooden soup-making room can be regarded as a glimpse of surprise, which truly realizes the dual experience from sensory to practical.

The leisure area on the negative level comes from the essence of modern Chinese style, which is the unique embodiment of the beauty of details in the whole scheme. A large number of wood materials throw away the complexity and complexity, showing the beauty of ancient color and fragrance. The Abstract ink decoration and the oriental artistic conception of the high-grade soft decoration set off the space, ripple landscape tone layer by layer ripple, metaphorical collection room convergence potential vitality.

Every time BLG’s creative team creates a space lifestyle, they learn from the past and learn from the new. Extremely simple lines delineate a warm, comfortable and spiritual resting space. Metal, logs and simple cotton and hemp are matched to give a delicate texture, which is both rigid and soft, and exquisite.

Step by step, BLG’s main creative team finishes in subtleties. The space is supplemented by warm and luxurious utensils, exquisite decoration and chic bonsai, highlighting the details of space lines and colors, a few pens, full of humanistic temperament, which properly promotes the emotional interaction between architecture and people.

Passionate Color Art

More touching than color is the art of color. The overall tone of the case is simple and elegant, with high-grade gray as the dominant color, adding wood as the main element of decoration, laying a clear and stable tone for the space.

Taking the reception room restaurant as an example, its style is elegant and plain, the color is stable and mature, the charm is strong and long, and the tone control and lighting coordination are just right. While continuing the Oriental feelings, elaborate the decorationist ideal of the new era.

The bedroom is quiet and not publicized. The overall color matching is dominated by the light and elegant color system. It matches the calm white and walnut color and coexists with nature. Modern style furniture and bedroom space coordinate with each other. Every time you go home, it is a comfortable vacation trip. You can touch the quality of life with your hands.

Out of nature and higher than nature, the charm emitted is both warm and calm atmosphere. In this case, the essence of traditional Chinese culture is extracted and injected into modern life. Through the construction of space, the aesthetic artistic conception of human settlements has been poured out.

Project Name: Jiayuan Oriental Courtyard
Project area: 1000 square meters
Case design: Zhang Haiyang
Design Team: BLG Design


  1. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about
    this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a
    little bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog.

    An excellent read. I will certainly be back.

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