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Artistic conception of traditional oriental courtyard


The benevolent Leshan, the wise man is happy, this design takes the landscape and creates a peaceful and peaceful place. The façades of the building are undulating, like mountains and rivers, surrounded by a calm water, water reflecting the mountains, more tree pools on the water, branches and leaves swaying, paths winding, curved water flowing, such as between the mountains and rivers, with elegant and quiet sinking The courtyard and the comfortable theme function club show the warmth of life in the mountains and waters.

The location of “Jiangnan Yard” is located in the main city of Hangzhou, adjacent to the prosperous areas such as West Lake Scenic Area and Wulinmen. It is located in the “City Half-Hour Life Circle”, but it is surrounded by a water coastline of about 1,100 meters in length, as the island is hidden in the surrounding green. Among the belts, the owner lives in the water and is hidden in the city.

The bird’s-eye view of the courtyard is surrounded by water and hidden in the downtown area. The building is mountainous and forms a landscape with the entrance, the porch and the water features in the courtyard. The entrance style is simple and modern, with a dotted line and a wooden grille to create the poetry and rhythm of the oriental culture.

At the entrance, the gray space and the grille are used to enhance the connection between the inside and the outside of the building. The grille is half-opened out of the water view of the courtyard and the opposite side gallery. The view is in the courtyard; the space in the courtyard is scattered with the height of the roof, and the side of the corridor is light. Through the grille, you can enjoy the water in the mountains, the grille and the curtains hang down in the water, and it is full of Jiangnan style.

The glass curtain wall and the metal grille bring a simple and modern sense. The large mirrored waterscape reflects the roof mountain and the drape curtain. The semi-hidden and semi-transparent and quiet, the translucent transition also contains the subtlety of the East. The trails are connected with the minimalist geometric waterscape to the oriental poetry of “Qushui River Flowing”, showing the traditional oriental courtyard culture with a modern space.

The architectural concept of the traditional oriental courtyard, drawing on the Western modernist approach, in the space, we will treat the courtyard space of the twists and turns of the Jiangnan area to be more concise and concise, and the atmosphere is sprinkled; in the details, we are carefully crafted, The structure is refined. The so-called “Jiangnan Yard” is not only a “swollen and prosperous place, but also a gentle and wealthy township”. It is also a place with history, scenery, orientalism and taste.


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