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This is a model house of Zhonghai Tianyu in Shenyang. The interior design is completed by Li Yizhong in Shenzhen. It is a multi-storey and superimposed household with two layers in the first floor and three layers in total, covering an area of 551 square meters.

Designers have made a lot of improvements under the original household structure, especially the radical transformation of the underground two floors, blurring the boundaries and style of the design, creating more possibilities for space, has become the biggest highlight of the case.

We positioned the house as a “family of four”. The first level is the pure family life space, which jumps out of the trajectory of entertainment, to highlight its function as a family activity center.

The guest restaurant, located in the center of the first floor, is a space for interchange. On one side, it is made of large stone and pure white cabinet. On the other side, it is made of warm wood veneer background. The relationship between large areas of different materials enriches the level of space, and the vision is unified in bright and concise tones.

▲One floor master bedroom

Two sleepers were set on the first floor. The original main bedroom and hatroom were expanded. The double-sided wardrobe and dressing table were put in, which became a step-in cloakroom with greater atmosphere.

▲Girls’room on the first floor

Furniture is light in shape, concise in line, restrained in color, and then uses the appropriate active atmosphere of artworks to radiate the charm of Milan fashion.

▲A staircase from one floor to the next

Designers have emptied the stairs on one floor and added two light windows on the ground floor. This is an important measure to make the lower floors unite, have enough light to care for and form a rhythmic flow.

▲Negative Layer Space

The negative layer is an infinite relaxing entertainment and leisure space. Wine cabinet, water bar, tea room, collection room, piano area, meeting room are all available, through the large space, very enjoy the experience, is the style of the house should be.

▲Negative Boys’Room

On the opposite side of the conference room divided by stairs, all the space is used to create a more spacious suite than the main bedroom on the first floor. It is equipped with a single-guard, step-in cloakroom and a built-in study.

▲Negative two-storey Teahouse

Southern courtyard, as a back garden on the first and negative level, blurs the traditional concept of “garden” and is replaced by life. It has changed from auxiliary function space to an important living place. Become an ideal scenic spot and outdoor activity venue.

Tea room ingeniously utilizes outdoor landscape, free space, flowing charm and graceful light and shadow. This home has fireworks, firewood, rice, oil and salt, as well as wind and moon, tea, wine, piano and painting.

The whole negative layer provides a place for the master to release heartily, and is a cordial and pleasant, free-flowing sharing body. It provides a good place for family members to relax and enhance their emotions. It is also an excellent place to call friends to have a party at home.

▲Negative Two-storey Garment Design Studio

On the negative second floor, an open clothing design studio is planned, with art galleries, gymnasiums, video studios and sunken courtyards. The whole public space revolves around the sunken courtyard in a circular motion.

Designers use simple aesthetic means to build a space with multiple meanings, but also guide the owners to find their favorite way of life.

The sunken courtyard is the visual focus in the design of this superimposed house type, which fully reflects the deep excavation of the value of underground space in the design. It is the core of this apartment. Each functional module is developed around the courtyard. The courtyard is green planting, which not only improves the indoor air quality, but also is the most impressive part of the underground space. When the sunlight pours through the skylight, projecting on the green leaves, it is permeated with the natural atmosphere, which makes the quality of the whole living environment go up to a higher level.

The renovation of the indoor environment has won better comfort, while the interpretation and detailed treatment of the soft clothes reflect the pursuit of exquisite life, so that the residence full of modern fashion sense radiates vigorous vitality.

Project information
Project Name: Shenyang Zhonghai Tianyu Model House
Interior Design: Li Yizhong’s Space Design
Project Address: Hunnan District, Shenyang City
Project area: 551 square meters
Design Scope: Interior Design, Lighting Design,
Software Design, Purchasing and Design Consultant
Design Main Material: Lehman Grey Marble, Laurent Gold Marble, Black Fluorocarbon Paint, Bell Grey Marble, Black Drawn Stainless Steel, Wood Decoration, Cloth Hard Pack
Photography: Spread of Shanhe Cheng Culture


  1. Nice idea with the sunglasses. Did you remember the lip balm?
    How about the 22X22 bandanna, or even the ubiquitous base ball cap?
    Everyday items that aren’t typically relatable to survival.
    A emergency plastic sandwich bag of and a few band-aids.

  2. Kristy * I’m really glad you enjoyed it! And that seriously means a lot!!

    Your one of the few that has been watching and encouraging
    me from the beginning and it has seriously helped me out a lot!

    Thank you for that! And I will for sure keep the articles coming

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