The light luxury fashion has become popular in the whole interior design industry. For the latest popular new Chinese style, it is becoming more sophisticated and tends to take the “light luxury” route.

After thousands of years of evolution, traditional Chinese style can be described as the embodiment of traditional crafts and ingenuity. The use of modelling lines is more complex and changeable, and various complex and exquisite patterns are often carved on display. Although beautiful, it is not suitable for many modern families. New Chinese style is a kind of inheritance and innovation. It is rooted in the soil of Chinese traditional culture, taking its essence and its complexity, and promoting the Chinese classical culture with modern aesthetic vision.

New Chinese style + light luxury, classical style and modern elements of the passionate collision, resulting in numerous elegant style, simple atmosphere of the new Chinese space. It is based on tradition and innovative, after continuous refinement and enrichment, it has its own school, showing a very strong oriental sentiment.

To extract the classical elements of traditional home, blend them into modern home design, create traditional home with modern people’s aesthetic needs, and more implicitly express the pursuit of the oriental classical elegant atmosphere.

Compared with the traditional Chinese style, which pursues the decorative effect of magnificent and carved beams and painted buildings, this design is relatively simple and many. The simple decorative elements on the crisp lines not only break through the criticism that the traditional Chinese style may be too heavy, but also enrich the freedom of material selection.

It is not only red and purple that can express the characteristics of the new Chinese style. The color is elegant and harmonious. There will be no large area of saturated and bright colors in vision. Most of the colors are elegant and fresh, such as white, grey and linen. Make the whole space more refreshing and transparent.

To continue the Oriental meaning in the form of modern, we emphasize the elegant and low-key Oriental luxury, telling about the elegant taste of life style, display is no more than grandiose, pure color with changes in light and shadow, graceful and unique. The beauty of simplicity, light and luxury is injected into the artistic conception of Oriental charm.

In order to perfect the integration of new Chinese style and light luxury, we should strive to create a simple living atmosphere on the basis of inheriting and developing traditional culture. It not only embodies the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics, but also simplifies the design. Many people who love Chinese culture are deeply fascinated by it.

Just as every style will be influenced by the times along with the changes of the times, along with the collision of various elements and traditional Chinese culture, a new style has been derived. New Chinese style with light luxury, while retaining the classical humanistic feelings, it has both the fashion and practicality of modern decoration, and conforms to the contemporary people’s yearning for exquisite life.

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